Second Life Marketplace | Avimote PoseMaker PE – Mobilize your Avatar

Avimote PoseMaker PE is a HUD for sale at the Second Life Marketplace which allows you to move and pose your avatar in just about any way you can imagine. Align perfectly, bend your avatar only the amount that looks good, position your arms to accommodate the skirt you happen to be wearing and just about anything else you can think of. This HUD is very convenient for photographers. Available at the Second Life Marketplace for L$2450.


Second Life | How to use HUDs

Two video tutorials on how to use heads-up displays (HUDs). Click the link to see both videos.

Second Life Marketplace | Ban Line & Parcel Full HUD – Essential for all Vehicles & Explorers

Tired of crashing when sailing your boat or flying your plane? This HUD shows parcels that are blocked by ban lines and other factors which may stop your Second Life journey. Available at the SL Marketplace for L$450. Click the link to reach the page.