BlenderNation | Bone Layer Manager Add-on


This bone layer manager add-on for Blender looks like as it may be quite useful for Second Life creators who work with rigged skeletons. What the script does:

  • set name of layer
  • select bone on layer
  • lock bone on layer
  • move bone to layer
  • automatic creation of bone group of the bone in the layer with random color assignment
  • select the protected layer for the link exportation.

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Blender Cookie | Creating an Island Environment in Blender 2.6

This 3-parts tutorial explains how to generate an island environment with Blender 2.6 and the ANT Landscape Generator, an add-on for Blender. Though not all of what is explained in the tutorial can be applied to Second Life, this tutorial is nonetheless useful to learn a number of techniques on how to model terrain with Blender.

Wiz Daxter | Import the Second Life avatar to Blender 2.57

SLAV is an add-on for Blender 2.57 that will import a Second Life avatar shape to Blender. The add-on is also available for 3ds Max, Maya and Blender 2.49. A free demo version is available, a licensed version is available for US$5 through the Second Life Marketplace or PayPal.

Hat tip to Gaia Clary.

Vimeo | LoopTools for Blender 2.5

The LoopTools add-on is a powerful script containing a collection of tools to aid mesh modelling in Blender 2.5. Click the link for further information on where to download the addon.