Living in the Modem World | A very *simple* guide to mesh in SL


Inara Pey posted an interesting guide on the new feature that will rock Second Life: mesh import. I recommend you read her post for an introduction on the what, why and how to use mesh.

Second Life Wiki | Torley Linden’s Guide to high quality photography

From the Second Life Wiki, Torley Linden’s Guide to high quality photography. Click the link for a full page of information and video tutorials.

Hat tip to Michele Hyacinth.

YouTube | Virtual Architecture 101: Design Fundamentals, Processes and Strategies for Virtual Worlds

Virtual Architecture 101 is an interactive, self guided educational project that teaches visitors about architectural fundamentals, design processes, strategies and best practices for creating effective virtual world projects. The installation also includes several case studies of education-related projects, and offers specific tips, tricks and techniques drawn from over 5 years of experience designing virtual environments. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive resource, but to simply provide a sample overview of design basics.

Designed and developed by Jon Brouchoud


Hat tip to Mickey Vandeverre for the lead.