BlenderNation | Ten Awesome Tips for Blender


Using the normal pass

Subdividing selected sections

Using vertex colors with cycles

Blending textures with vertex colors

Baking normalized ambient occlusion maps

Adding custom properties to objects

Controlling objects using constraints

Splitting edges

Selection Tips


Ten tips for Blender with video tutorials. Though not all apply to Second Life, some are quite helpful. Click the link to read the full article.

Second Life Knowledge Base | How to move a build

This Knowledge Base article by Boston Linden explains all you need to know about moving a build. The article comes with a number of video tutorials. Click the link to go to the page.

Second Life Knowledge Base | Building tips

Directly from the Second Life Knowledge Base, a number of video tutorials with tips on how to build in Second Life. The page covers topics such as the coalesce feature. sandboxes, moving a build and more. These tutorials are aimed to beginner residents. Click the link to find a full list of tutorials.