YouTube | Blender Tutorial Stencil Texture Painting Multitextures by VscorpianC

via Blender Tutorial Stencil Texture Painting Multitextures by VscorpianC – YouTube.


CGTuts+ | How to Hand Paint Convincing Metal Textures


This video tutorial on how to hand paint a metal texture will have your jaw drop. There is a lot to learn from this video. Please visit the the CGTuts+ site to download the video.

CGSociety | The Top Ten Tips of Texturing


Top Ten Tips of Texturing by Jeroen Maton on the CGSociety web site.


blendtuts | Tileable Textures in Blender


This video tutorial by blendtuts shows all the ways to use tileable textures with Blender.


KatsBits | Alpha Transparency Texture basics in Blender 3D


This tutorial by web site KatsBits explains how to get alpha-channeled transparent textures with Blender 2.5+ right.

“Getting alpha-channeled transparent textures to correctly display in Blenders main 3D View has always been a bit tricky to do because of the ‘real time’ nature of the feature. It needn’t be however, as the following tutorial explains, it is generally and relatively straightforward to get semi-opaque or fully transparent textures set-up to display correctly depending on the type of transparency required in the main work zone. The following tutorial discuses the two main approaches to getting transparency to correctly display in the 3D View.”


ShaderMap 2 – A map generator

With the coming of normal, specular and displacement maps to Second Life a map generator is an useful tool to add to your toolbox. ShaderMap 2 is one of such tools which sports an elegant and intuitive interface, ease of use and a low price tag of US$ 39.95. Currently ShaderMap is only available for Windows.

What is a map generator? A map generator is a tool that creates a set of images — called maps — which create special effects from an existing image. There are a number of tools to create maps, both free and commercial. ShaderMap is quite interesting for its ease of use and low price (only US$ 39.95). Check the video for an introduction, click the link to visit the web site:

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Aimesi | How to make Fashion with Sculpties – Texturing


Two more tutorials by Aimesi on making clothes with scuplts. These two are dedicated to texturing the sculpts.

Part 1
Part 2


3D Artist | How to apply textures to game models in Maya


A basic tutorial on how to apply textures to a game model in Maya through the use of materials.


Forever Blender | Blender 2.5 Tutorials and Documents: Intro to Compositing

This tutorial shows you the basics of compositing for Blender 2.5.


Blender Cookie | Normal Map Baking in Blender 2.5


Creating normal maps from a high resolution model is a common task in a game developers work flow. It can add an extra level of detail that otherwise would be impossible within a game environment. This tutorial will be showing you how to create normal maps in Blender 2.5. The process used to do this is called “baking”, it enables to project all of the detail from a high resolution model onto a low resolution, or lowpoly game model, to create the normal map. Click the link to read the full article.