Girl Wonder Speaks… About Second Life | Teach Me Something Meme: Managing Your Inventory

Tymmerie Thorne of the Girl Wonder Speaks… About Second Life blog has an interesting post on how to tame your inventory. Click here to visit her blog. Please like this post if you find it of interest.


YouTube | Quick tutorial on how to isolate objects in a scene quickly, by VscorpianC

This short video by VscorpianC shows a quick way to isolate an object in Blender to ease editing.

via YouTube.

Blender Cookie | Keeping Blender Configs Synced Across Multiple Machines with Dropbox


Learn how to use Dropbox to sync your Blender settings across all your machines.


YouTube | How To Make Creases And Folds In Clothing on Blender 2.64

The title says it all. Enjoy… 🙂


BlenderDiplom | Recover Blender Projects like a Pro


Blender crashed? You quit accidentally? Saved over an important step? Blender offers ways to recover all of these! Gottfried Hofmann at BlenderDiplom explains three different ways to recover your Blender projects.


JUICYBOMB Second Life Fashion Blog | How to make poses in Second Life


JuicyBomb has a nice tutorial on how to make poses for Second Life avatars with DAZ Studio.


CGTuts+ | How to Hand Paint Convincing Metal Textures


This video tutorial on how to hand paint a metal texture will have your jaw drop. There is a lot to learn from this video. Please visit the the CGTuts+ site to download the video.


CGSociety | The Top Ten Tips of Texturing


Top Ten Tips of Texturing by Jeroen Maton on the CGSociety web site.


blendtuts | Tileable Textures in Blender


This video tutorial by blendtuts shows all the ways to use tileable textures with Blender.


Gamedevtuts+ | Picking a Color Palette for Your Game’s Artwork


A tutorial on Gamedevtuts+ on chosing a color palette for your models and some useful tools o create a palette.