Sculpt Blender | Mesh: Understanding Land Impact

In this very interesting post Murgatroyd Zauberflote offers valuable advice on how to reduce land impact for your mesh models:


Penny Patton | Building a better Second Life


Penny Patton is a well known evangelizer of content creation best practices in Second Life. This thread in the Second Life’s Building And Texturing Forum is one example of the valuable advice she shares with fellow users. Please click the following link to visit the forum.

Building a Better SL – Second Life

Update: Penny’s post is now available on her blog.

Ciaran Laval | Using Convex Hull To Lower Land Impact


A great tip posted by Ciaran Laval to reduce your land impact (aka prim count) of your builds. Click the link to visit Ciaran’s blog.


Second Spaces | The one where I opine and advise


A very interesting post by Elle Kirshner on Second Spaces full of advices for builders.