Sculpt Blender | Mesh: Understanding Land Impact

In this very interesting post Murgatroyd Zauberflote offers valuable advice on how to reduce land impact for your mesh models:


Blender Stack Exchange, a new Blender support site that will help you find the information you need for your 3D graphic work

ImageThose who work in software development know that Stack Exchange is one of the best sources of information for learning new techniques and troubleshooting problems. Its question/answer format similar to Quora makes it ideal to find the best answers. So, I am quite pleased to see that there is a new Stack Exchange site dedicated to Blender support. The site is free and doesn’t require a registration. Anyone can post questions and answers. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Visit Blender Stack Exchange.

Blender Arsenal | Blender 2.67 How to TexturePaint tutorial, using blender and gimp, Part 2

Part 2 of the Blender 2.67 How to TexturePaint tutorial, using blender and gimp.
Part 1
Part 3


Blender Arsenal | Blender 2.67 How to TexturePaint tutorial, using blender and gimp, Part 1

This gentleman who goes under the moniker Blender Arsenal has published a two parts video tutorial on how to use the TexturePaint feature with Blender 2.67 and Gimp. This video is first part of the tutorial. Here is part 2.


Girl Wonder Speaks… About Second Life | Teach Me Something Meme: Managing Your Inventory

Tymmerie Thorne of the Girl Wonder Speaks… About Second Life blog has an interesting post on how to tame your inventory. Click here to visit her blog. Please like this post if you find it of interest.


Penny Patton | Building a better Second Life


Penny Patton is a well known evangelizer of content creation best practices in Second Life. This thread in the Second Life’s Building And Texturing Forum is one example of the valuable advice she shares with fellow users. Please click the following link to visit the forum.

Building a Better SL – Second Life

Update: Penny’s post is now available on her blog.


April Looming | Tips on Operating a Profitable Business in Second Life

SL-economics-1April Looming has a post on her blog with great tips on running a business in Second Life. Click the following link to visit her blog:
Wild Style Fashions TM: Tips on Operating a Profitable Business in Second Life.


YouTube | Quick tutorial on how to isolate objects in a scene quickly, by VscorpianC

This short video by VscorpianC shows a quick way to isolate an object in Blender to ease editing.

via YouTube.


Blender Cookie | Keeping Blender Configs Synced Across Multiple Machines with Dropbox


Learn how to use Dropbox to sync your Blender settings across all your machines.


JUICYBOMB Second Life Fashion Blog | How to make poses in Second Life


JuicyBomb has a nice tutorial on how to make poses for Second Life avatars with DAZ Studio.