Blender Cookie | Tips for Creating Sharp Edges While Modeling

Jonathan Williamson at Blender Cookie published a video to explain the different techniques used to handle edges in Blender.


Blender Cookie | Keeping Blender Configs Synced Across Multiple Machines with Dropbox


Learn how to use Dropbox to sync your Blender settings across all your machines.

Blender Cookie | Modeling and texturing a shoe, 3 video tutorials


Blender Cookie published three video tutorials made by Claas Eicke Kuhnen on how to model and texture shoes in Blender 2.5+

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Blender Cookie | Creating a Chain-link Fence


I do not advise building a fence like the one described in this tutorial for Second Life as it would be too detailed. However, this is pretty good to learn some techniques with Blender. Click on the link to read the full article.