KatsBits | Blender keyboard shortcuts and high-res printable hotkey map chart


A printable keyboard map for Blender 2.5. Click the link to go to the page.


Forever Blender | Blender and Inkscape Friendship

A more detailed tutorial on how to import Inkscape vector images into Blender. Click the link to go to the full article.

Blender Mama | Inkscape shapes imported to Blender


A short tip on how to import vector drawings from vector illustrations programs such as Inkscape to Blender. Click the link for the full article.


Chapter & Metaverse | Creating SL Animations using Microsoft Kinect


How to use Microsoft Kinect as a cheap motion capture (MoCap) device to create animations in Second Life. Click the link for the full article.


YouTube | Second Life Photography Tutorials – liquify

A video tutorial by Katey Coppola for those who want to improve their Second Life photography skills. Katey explains how to correct your images with the liquify tool in Photoshop. Click the link to go the page.


inSight Designs’ Blog | Plaster Textures by Insight Designs


An excellent set of plastered textures from one of my favorite texture artists, Amisha March. These are the best, most detailed plastered textures I have ever seen. For sale at Insight Design. Click the link for more info.


Natales’ Things & Stuff | Second Life Clean Install


A tutorial on how to make a viewer clean install for Second Life. Click the link for the full article.


Dwell On It | How can I copyright my Second Life work?


Tateru Nino explains how copyright applies to your work in Second Life. Click the link for full article.


Fleep’s Deep Thoughts | Alternative Viewers for Second Life & OpenSim

A slideshow by Fleep Tuque on alternative viewers, what they are, what is available. Mainly aimed at new, less expert Second Life users. Click the link to visit the web page.


Blender Cookie | Tip: External Drag and Drop


How to drag and drop files into Blender 2.5. Click the link for full article and video tutorial.