Blender Arsenal | Blender 2.67 How to TexturePaint tutorial, using blender and gimp, Part 1

This gentleman who goes under the moniker Blender Arsenal has published a two parts video tutorial on how to use the TexturePaint feature with Blender 2.67 and Gimp. This video is first part of the tutorial. Here is part 2.

Machinimatrix | The Shoe Quest


An excellent tutorial in 10 chapters (2 of them still under work to date) by Gaia Clary at Machinimatrix on how to make mesh shoes with Blender 2.5. This tutorial is particurarly useful as it is focused on making mesh objects for Second Life. It comes both with text and videos.

Free Maya Video Tutorials | How to shape pipes with Maya

In this 10 minutes video tutorial Muhammad explains how to shape, texture and render a pipe using Autodesk Maya. The simple shape makes this tutorial easy to follow for beginners, while students using modeling tools other than Maya may find the techniques used to shape the model interesting.

Make sure to check Free Maya Video Tutorials for other tutorials on Maya.

Second Life Wiki | Torley Linden’s Guide to high quality photography

From the Second Life Wiki, Torley Linden’s Guide to high quality photography. Click the link for a full page of information and video tutorials.

Hat tip to Michele Hyacinth.

Blender 3D Architect | Modeling stairs in Blender for architecture

As Allan Brito says in his post, making stairs is one of the most difficult tasks in 3D modeling. In this video tutorial you can learn how to model stairs in Blender 2.5. As always, make sure that your model is low-poly for Second Life. And check Allan Brito’s blog for more tutorials and books on Blender.

Vimeo | LoopTools for Blender 2.5

The LoopTools add-on is a powerful script containing a collection of tools to aid mesh modelling in Blender 2.5. Click the link for further information on where to download the addon.