Penny Patton | Building a better Second Life


Penny Patton is a well known evangelizer of content creation best practices in Second Life. This thread in the Second Life’s Building And Texturing Forum is one example of the valuable advice she shares with fellow users. Please click the following link to visit the forum.

Building a Better SL – Second Life

Update: Penny’s post is now available on her blog.


April Looming | Tips on Operating a Profitable Business in Second Life

SL-economics-1April Looming has a post on her blog with great tips on running a business in Second Life. Click the following link to visit her blog:
Wild Style Fashions TM: Tips on Operating a Profitable Business in Second Life.

Second Life Knowledge Base | How to move a build

This Knowledge Base article by Boston Linden explains all you need to know about moving a build. The article comes with a number of video tutorials. Click the link to go to the page.

Robin Wood | Alpha Channels: SL to your Desktop

A Second Life Tutorial (© Robin Wood 2010) by Robin Sojourner on how to preserve transparency when saving an image from Second Life to your computer. Click the link for the full article.

Second Life Blogs | 10 tips to get the most out of web profiles!

Torley Linden’s tips on how Second Life residents can customize their web profiles. Click on the link to read the full article.