Second Life | Search FAQ

All about Search in Second Life with Viewer 2.x.


Mistletoe Ethaniel’s Blog | Writing an excellent Marketplace listing


Mistletoe Ethaniel offers some good tips on how to effectively promote your products with a well written listing for the Second Life Marketplace.

Hat tip to Hamlet Au.

Virtual Outworlding | Start learning how to build


This mini tutorial by Selby on Virtual Outworlding gives all the basic information to learn how to build in Second Life using the Viewer 2.x.

Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts | Getting Started in Second Life


This rather long post by Pussycat Catnap is a good starting point for those who are new to Second Life. This is a list of topics it covers:

Making an account
Initial Log in
Configuring Preferences
First Steps
Teleporting – Getting Around in Second Life
Getting your First Outfits
Changing your look
Finding a Community
Advice on Friending / Partnering / the ‘Social rules’ Of SL.
Putting real life money into Second Life?

As a community manager I applaud the inclusion of a paragraph dedicated to communities, though it is unfortunate that communities not focused on a theme or specific activities are not included, as is the case of the East River Community, Chilbo, Bay City, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Admittedly, trying to give a full coverage of the many communities in Second Life is a huge task.

Other than that, I recommend reading Pussycat’s post to anyone willing to start with Second Life.

Free Maya Video Tutorials | How to shape pipes with Maya

In this 10 minutes video tutorial Muhammad explains how to shape, texture and render a pipe using Autodesk Maya. The simple shape makes this tutorial easy to follow for beginners, while students using modeling tools other than Maya may find the techniques used to shape the model interesting.

Make sure to check Free Maya Video Tutorials for other tutorials on Maya.

Script Impact, a tool to inform your visitors of their script cost

Update: I have originally featured this product as a tool to measure ARC, the Avatar Rendering Cost. A reader pointed out that this tool measure the script impact (hence its name) on the region server and this has no relation to the ARC. Please, read the comments at the bottom of this page for details. Therefore, I have rewritten this post to correct the mistake. Apologies to my readers and thanks to Andromaw to point out my error.

Script Impact, the product I feature today created by Karsten Runningbear, is a tool that measure the number of scripts worn by avatars and their impact on the region server’s memory. Script Impact can help you inform your visitors how they affect the performance of the server in the attempt to educate them.
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BlenderTut | The Blender 2.5 interface

Blender has a complex interface that can be intimidating to new users. This video tutorial by Olivier Villar at BlenderTut will explain how the interface is organized, how to navigate the 3D view, how to adapt the interface and customize the program to your needs.

Blender Nerd | How to make an open shack with Blender 2.5


This nice video tutorial by Greg Zaal at Blender Nerd will teach how to make a simple 3D model with Blender 2.5. Though the model is simple, with this tutorial you’ll learn how to use arrays, modifiers, how to make an UV map, apply textures and render the final model, making this tutorial well suited for beginners.

Please note that some of the techniques explained in the tutorial will result to making a high poly model, as is the case with the corrugated iron cover. While the final result may be too expensive in terms of prim usage in Second Life, it is however interesting to understand how to accomplish the resulting model. You are therefore advised to learn and adapt for your needs.