Canned Mushrooms | Blender 2.5 Training on Texture Materials and Mapping

As a total noob at 3d modeling and struggling my way to learn the intricacies of Blender, I am always on the lookout for useful tutorials. There are parts of the modeling workflow that are still hazy to me, and one of them is texturing. Some days ago as I was searching for some information on texturing a model I happened to find an old post in the Second Life Mesh Forum by Ashasekayi Ra where she recommended Jason Welsh’s (aka Canned Mushrooms) video tutorials on texture materials and mapping in Blender. In her words: “I’d highly recommend the Canned Mushroom Blender texturing series. It is extremely thorough and has a class type structure.”

This is the most complete course on texturing and mapping in Blender that I have ever found so far, a real gem. Over 14 hours in 106 videos available on YouTube, also available on DVD. Highly recommended.

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3D Buzz | Blender Fundamentals


A free introductory course to Blender with 63 videos offered by 3D Buzz. Click the link to visit 3D Buzz’s site.

Tradewinds Yacht Club | A guide on boat building in Second Life

Tasha Kostolany has published a detailed guide to people who wish to get started with boat building, based on the boat building classes given by Dekka Zabaleta at Tradewinds Yacht Club.

Click the link to visit the Tradewinds Yacht Club’s site.

Hat Tip to Liv Leigh.