Machinimatrix | How to go from making sculpts to meshes


This tutorial by Gaia Clary covers the transition from making sculpted prims to making meshes. It is addressed to builders with previous experience on making sculpts. Click the link to visit the Machinimatrix site.

Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts | Getting good Body Proportions in Second Life


An interesting post by Pussycat Catnap on how to set good body proportions for your Second LIfe avatar.

Second Life Knowledge Base | How to move a build

This Knowledge Base article by Boston Linden explains all you need to know about moving a build. The article comes with a number of video tutorials. Click the link to go to the page.

Dwell On It | How to: Building a solid PC for fast Second Life use


Need advice on how to configure a computer for optimal use with Second Life? I recommend reading Tateru Nino’s interesting post. Make sure to read the comments for additional advices. Click the link to visit Tateru’s blog.

Virtual Outworlding | Region, sim, parcel. Knowing the difference makes a difference.


This post by Virtual Outworlding has a glossary of terms on how land is defined and an explanation on parcel and estate management tools. Check this out if you want to understand how the land system works in Second Life.

Across The Grid With Lindal Kidd | That Newbie Look, And How to Lose It


Lindal is a former Second Life Helper who is dedicated to help new users through her blog. The title of this post says it all, if you are a new user and need advice on how to lose your newbie look, check Lindal’s post out.