Script Impact, a tool to inform your visitors of their script cost

Update: I have originally featured this product as a tool to measure ARC, the Avatar Rendering Cost. A reader pointed out that this tool measure the script impact (hence its name) on the region server and this has no relation to the ARC. Please, read the comments at the bottom of this page for details. Therefore, I have rewritten this post to correct the mistake. Apologies to my readers and thanks to Andromaw to point out my error.

Script Impact, the product I feature today created by Karsten Runningbear, is a tool that measure the number of scripts worn by avatars and their impact on the region server’s memory. Script Impact can help you inform your visitors how they affect the performance of the server in the attempt to educate them.
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Vimeo | LoopTools for Blender 2.5

The LoopTools add-on is a powerful script containing a collection of tools to aid mesh modelling in Blender 2.5. Click the link for further information on where to download the addon.

ScriptSpot | RappaTools


RappaTools is a modeling toolset for 3ds Max (9 Sp1 +), that offers a wide range of tools for creating various types of subobject selections as well as a set of modeling tools which will make any tasks in everyday modeling a lot easier and faster. It also has a lot of other options like 50%/25% Render, Quick Light/Cam select, Toggle maps display in viewport, Random Material/Wirecolor, Make multi material from textures in a folder, and many more.