Pussycat Catnap’s thoughts | Getting Started in Second Life


This rather long post by Pussycat Catnap is a good starting point for those who are new to Second Life. This is a list of topics it covers:

Making an account
Initial Log in
Configuring Preferences
First Steps
Teleporting – Getting Around in Second Life
Getting your First Outfits
Changing your look
Finding a Community
Advice on Friending / Partnering / the ‘Social rules’ Of SL.
Putting real life money into Second Life?

As a community manager I applaud the inclusion of a paragraph dedicated to communities, though it is unfortunate that communities not focused on a theme or specific activities are not included, as is the case of the East River Community, Chilbo, Bay City, the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Admittedly, trying to give a full coverage of the many communities in Second Life is a huge task.

Other than that, I recommend reading Pussycat’s post to anyone willing to start with Second Life.


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