Script Impact, a tool to inform your visitors of their script cost

Update: I have originally featured this product as a tool to measure ARC, the Avatar Rendering Cost. A reader pointed out that this tool measure the script impact (hence its name) on the region server and this has no relation to the ARC. Please, read the comments at the bottom of this page for details. Therefore, I have rewritten this post to correct the mistake. Apologies to my readers and thanks to Andromaw to point out my error.

Script Impact, the product I feature today created by Karsten Runningbear, is a tool that measure the number of scripts worn by avatars and their impact on the region server’s memory. Script Impact can help you inform your visitors how they affect the performance of the server in the attempt to educate them.

Script Impact comes in two versions: a free version and a commercial version priced L$100. I asked Karsten about the difference between the two products. He informed me that the free one has several scripts in it, thus causing more lag. The commercial one runs only on one script. I have purchased the commercial version and found the device very easy to use. After receiving the package I rezzed and clicked on it to unpack its content. The package delivers the items to your inventory in a folder called “Script impact one script low’s Contents”. In the folder I found two versions of the device: a 4 avatars list and an 11 avatars list. Both devices come in two languages, English and German, for a total of 4 devices. The devices are copyable, no transfer.

Once rezzed the device starts working without any configuration. It scans a 96 meters range and lists all the avatars on the board. The names and values are displayed with a lettering system that updates accordingly. The list updates every 10 seconds. There is no way to configure or modify range and update time.The device list shows the avatar name, the number of scripts worn, the megabytes and percentage of memory used in the region.

There is also a wearable HUD that replicates the device list. This only comes in German and no information about it is provided in the documentation. When I tried it, it had a list of avatar names with their relative values. I am not sure whether the list was static or the HUD had a larger scan range, as the avatar names in the HUD list didn’t match those listed on the board next to me. Wearing and removing the HUD did show a difference in the number of scripts and region memory used by my avatar. I haven’t noticed anything in the HUD that would let me remotely control or communicate with the device.

The lettering system makes the device rather primmy. The 4 avatar list comes at the cost of 24 prims, the 11 avatar list at 59 prims. Script Impact is rather bulky but I had no problem scaling it proportionally to a smaller size, without any readability loss or other negative effect at the size I scaled it down. The documentation is rather skimpy and not too polished, but the device needs almost no explanation. If I had to make a suggestion, I would make the board clickable to add a notecard delivery with additional information on the ARC and a link to the wiky page where people can find more information. A simple configuration card to modify range and update time would be nice too.

If you want a tool to inform and educate your visitors about their avatar cost without resorting to bans and have some prims to spare, this product may be what you need. Needless to say, I recommend purchasing the L$100 version for better performance and less lag, and to reward the builder for his effort. For more information on the product you can send a message to Karsten Runningbear inworld.

Hat tip to Chestnut Rau for mentioning the product on her blog.


One thought on “Script Impact, a tool to inform your visitors of their script cost

  1. You are right, Andromaw. Thank you for double checking, as I am obviously giving wrong information. I have mistakenly associated this tool to ARC by assuming that scripts had an impact on it though the tool is meant to measure something different. I guess I have to rewrite this post. I have to point out that Script Impact is not marketed by its maker as an ARC measurement tool, nor I have featured the tool on his input. The mistake was entirely mine.

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