GridTalkie | Flexible chat for your Second Life


From the GridTalkie web site: “The GridTalkie system allows you to communicate in real time anywhere in Second Life between friends. It works like a walkie-talkie or IRC client. It is a suitable alternative to Group IM (which can fail horribly, takes time to set up, can’t invite new users, etc) and an affordable solution for keeping in touch with your friends, anywhere in the grid.”

This device is excellent for role play groups where group conversation is required, such as security enforcement or military groups. It is extensively used by the SLCG and Flying Tigers groups.

Hat tip to Elisha Paklena and the SL Coast Guard for the lead.


One thought on “GridTalkie | Flexible chat for your Second Life

  1. You are welcome, Rez.I am a member of the SLCG, though only as a supporter. I receive the wirelink earpiece as all members do, but not having operative duties in the group I never used it. Yesterday Elisha Paklena (SLCG) showed me your 6 channels scanner and I was really impressed. Yours is a very neat product. It occurred to me your product could be of interest to several people in SL and that this was material for MetaLibrary. Hence, my post. 🙂

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