Bricks’n’Tiles | Seamless Architectural Texture Generator

Bricks'n'Tiles - Easy creation of seamless architectural textures

Bricks’n’Tiles is designed to create photorealistic textures for high quality 3d content by using advanced texture synthesis algorithms. If you have a picture of a brick wall you can now make your own perfectly seamless brick wall texture in a couple of minutes. See how it works…


Bricks’n’Tiles covers many regular and irregular brick or tile patterns and even provides support for Bump Maps and Normal Maps! All kinds of architectural textures (such as brickwork, masonry, wood boards, roof or floor tiles, parquet and stonework) are provided in an easy-to-understand user interface. It’s a real timesaver if you need realistic, natural-looking textures for architectural models or game environments! See all features…



Who uses Bricks’n’Tiles?

Architects who want to render their buildings with exactly the same look-and-feel as real brick walls or floor tiles would have.

Game Developers who want to create seamless wall, floor and roof textures with bump maps and specular maps faster than with completely hand-crafted brick textures.

3D Artists who want to have full control over the mood of the scene rather than spending their time with manually creating and adjusting every texture map.

Click here to see some sample images!

Architectural model textured with seemless stonework maps

Click on the link to read the full article.



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